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Citizenship and Migration Board - Ranks & Regulations
« on: February 18, 2015, 12:58:39 pm »

Rules & Regulations

Director - The Director are in-charge of everything. Making sure all things have been done correctly and should be precise. The Director will make decisions for the CMB and the staff.

Co-Director - The Co-Director will help the Director to make sure all are done correctly and precise. They may train/exam a Trial. They will give their opinions to the applicants.

Chief Administrator - The Chief Administrator are able to give a training/exams to a Trial. They will help the higher rank to discuss about the applications.

Supervisor - The Supervisor will are able to train Trials. They are also in-change regarding to the CMB Administrator and their works. They should make sure that the Administrator should do their work nicely.

Administrator - The Administrator will enforce the passport test. They will give exams to new players that has completed the CMB Requirements.

Trial - The Trial must complete their training from a Supervisor+ in-game. As the training has been done, they are now allowed to take an exam from a Chief Administrator+ in-order to be a full member.
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