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Citizenship and Migration Board
« on: February 07, 2015, 01:36:43 pm »

City Hall

Welcome to the Citizenship and Migration Board, Citizenship and Migration Board is about giving out citizenships/passports. You can find Citizenship and Migration Board at Los Santos City Hall. Every player that wants a passport must take a test. Every test includes questions that must be answered correctly to gain a passport. To request a test, contact a Citizenship and Migration Board administrator or a Server Administrator+ (/admins)

Are there any requirements for the test?
Actually there aren't a lot of requirements, you must have played at least one week on Argonath SA:MP Server, also you must have studied for the test.

What can I do with the passport?
Passport is your most important document at the United States of Argonath. With a passport you can buy a house or a business, rent a room at hotels, request a driving license.

Where can I study for the test?
Refer to /cmbstudy in-game

Does the test cost anything?
No, Citizenships and tests are free for all. However, the testers are volunteers, so a small tip is appreciated.

Who do I contact if I want to be tested for a passport?
You should always try to contact a Citizenship and Migration board administrator first. You can check if any are online by using the command /groupmembers cmb and then contact the ones online, or  If none are online, you may contact an in-game administrator - use the command /admins and ask any players listed as administrator (Moderators can not do this) or manager. Note though, that it's not their job to give out passports and priority will be given to admin duty, so you may get rejected.
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